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    Five of the Best DIY Paint Products

    If you’d rather paint your house yourself instead of hiring a professional painting company in Denver to do it for you, you’ll need at least some of the same equipment and tools the pros use. There is a wide range of painting products for the

    Brushes, Rollers, and When to Use Them

    A large part of any paint job is selecting the proper equipment and paint to do the job you need. You can use different kinds of paint depending on whether you’re painting the exterior or the interior of your house, each with its own properties

    Hard Times Soft Hearts

    Ireland’s Finest Inc. is starting their 3rd annual “Hard Times Soft Hearts” contest.  This contest encourages people in the Denver areas to nominate worthy candidates that have fallen on hard times, or are low-income residents.

    2015 Color Trend – Guilford Green

    Ireland’s Finest Inc. is celebrating its 20 years in business and what a better way to start the new year then, “Out with the old, and In with the new.” Some of the new color trends this year are Guilford Green, per Benjamin Moore, “a neutral

    Colorado Rockies New Roof Top

    The Rooftop The Rooftop is a new 38,000 square foot destination constructed in the Upper Rightfield deck, providing stunning panoramic views of Downtown Denver and the Front Range. Tavern Ballpark and CHUBurger Colorado Craft Casual Grill are

    What Makes a Repaint Unique?

    The biggest distinction between painting a new space versus a repaint project is the nature of the professional relationship. For a new project, the painting contractor typically works under the direction of a general contractor and has little