Power Washing 101

Most household cleaning that people tend to tackle themselves doesn’t require much more than the right product to get the job done. To get the really tough stains out, however, you might need a little bit of help.

Staining 101

Adding stain to wood can bring out beautiful, natural colors in your home. Here are some basic tips on choosing and applying wood stains.

Varnishing 101

Ireland’s Finest Painting Company is dedicated to bringing out the beauty in your home, from detail-oriented projects to larger, all-encompassing home improvement. Treating the wood in your home with care is an important aspect of home

DIY Ideas: Upgrade Your Walls

The dog days of summer are upon us, and if you’re spending more time indoors trying to beat the heat, you might be thinking it’s time for a new look when it comes to your décor.The good news is that there are TONS of projects out there that