How to Thin Latex Paint for a Sprayer

If you’ve decided to buy or rent a paint sprayer to paint your house’s exterior, congratulations, you’re well beyond most DIY painters. Many DIYers shy away from sprayer machines due to cost or fear of mechanical malfunction. Those fears are

Painting Basics: How to Use a Roller

Painting your own spaces always seems easier than it is. All you’re doing is spreading paint over the surface of something with a brush, right? But it almost always takes DIY painters much longer than they anticipated to get a project done. Why?

Five Exterior Paint Ideas for Spring

There are many reasons to re-paint your home’s exterior. Celebrating the turning of the season, painting over imperfections, replacing peeling or chipping paint, etc. Another reason many people re-paint their exteriors is to add value to their

Four House Painting Myths Busted

It’s time to get real. Your paint is peeling, and you need a new paint job to spruce your home up for the spring and summer. One problem many homeowners face when beginning their interior or exterior paint project is the amount of misinformation

Best Paints to Use in Your Kitchen

The kitchen is a tricky place to paint because there are often several different surfaces to cover. Your walls, ceilings, cabinets, and your doors might require different types of paint. Then there are all the items and common kitchen