The Professional Painter’s Process

  When you pay for a professional paint job for the interior or exterior of your home, what are you paying for? Obviously, you’re paying to get out of doing the job yourself, but what makes the difference between a professional painter and you?

Three Easy Outdoor DIY Projects

   Doing-it-yourself isn’t just for indoor projects, there are plenty of projects you can do yourself for the exterior of your house that can set you up for a fun spring and summer. We’re still in the last throes of winter, but it’s not too

How to Decide on a Paint Color

   Walk into a paint store and you’ll instantly be buffeted with about a million choices for interior and exterior paints. Choosing the type of paint can be difficult, but that decision is manageable after you examine the surface and area of

Why Lead Paint is Bad for You

   Paint no longer has lead in it in the United States. Any building painted in the last thirty years or so has no lead paint on its walls due to proven health investigations on the heavy metal. Still, there is a risk of lead poisoning in old