How to Prepare for the Fourth of July

Everyone’s favorite summer holiday is coming up, and there are many things to consider before your summer celebration. Whether you’re planning a cookout or just planning to soak in the sun, keep these cleaning and preparation tips in mind before

An Outdoor Task Checklist for Spring

Spring has sprung, and in the Denver area, that means…snow? Rain? Sun? Who knows? The key to preparing for another Colorado spring is to be prepared for anything, and that means more than cleaning the house. Springtime can be more tortuous for

Comparing Different Types of Paint

  As you may know already, there are many types of paint out there meant for different uses. We’re not talking about colors here—there are unlimited amounts of those—we’re talking about the chemicals used to make different types of paint and the

The Professional Painter’s Process

  When you pay for a professional paint job for the interior or exterior of your home, what are you paying for? Obviously, you’re paying to get out of doing the job yourself, but what makes the difference between a professional painter and you?