Five of the Best DIY Paint Products

If you’d rather paint your house yourself instead of hiring a professional painting
company in Denver to do it for you, you’ll need at least some of the same equipment and tools
the pros use. There is a wide range of painting products for the home owner out there beyond the obvious assortment of rollers, brushes, and ladders. Professional painters have a toolbox of items they use on a regular basis to make their lives much easier when painting your house. Let’s take a look at a few of these lesser-known painting tools to make your life easier:

Paint Spout

It sounds simple, it looks simple, and it is incredibly simple. So simple, in fact, that
you’re likely kicking yourself for not filing a patent for it yourself. This cheap, widely available
item snaps on the edge of paint cans, allowing a more controlled, accurate pour. It also prevents
paint from dripping down the side of the can, causing messes on floors, grass, and drop cloths
everywhere. This miraculous invention can be yours for less than a dollar at most paint stores.
Paint Touch-Up Pen
For nail-holes, scratches, dings, and other imperfections you may have missed the last
time you painted your wall, keep a paint touch-up pen around. When you’ve finished your
painting project, put a little of your excess paint in this pen and save for later. You can seal up
holes in the paint and imperfections without finding your old paint can and getting your brush
full of paint again.
Quick Roller Cleaner
Cleaning rollers after your paint job is arduous work because rollers are made to hold as
much paint as possible. The quick roller cleaner is another maddeningly simple invention. Slip
the roller into the tube and attach the hose. When the water runs clear, the roller is clean. This
makes a ton of sense when you actually hold the quick roller cleaner in your hands.

5-in- 1

Ask any professional painter and they’ll tell you their 5-in- 1 tool is the most useful in
their arsenal. This tool has the edge of a scraper, and a curved metal design that makes it easy to
use to open paint cans. Your DIY painter can also use the edge as a putty knife, or the pointy end
to clean out and widen cracks before patching them. Potential uses abound, and you can get one
for less than $10.
Super-Size Paint Tray
A paint tray is simply a receptacle for your paint to make it easier to roll onto a wall. But
certain paint trays, such as the Handy Paint Tray, are large enough to hold a gallon of paint and
has handles, making it easier to pick up and move around the house or to the next area. You can
even find tight-fitting disposable liners for it to help in your clean-up effort.
All of these items make it a little easier for you to paint your home yourself. Many of
these contraptions are used by professional painters to paint quickly and efficiently. Most of the
items I listed are cheap and easy to use, simplifying your exterior paint project.

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