Great Gifts for that Do-It-Yourselfer in Your Family

The Do-It- Yourself craze is sweeping the country and the world with all kinds of ideas
about how to make things and fix things yourself. For some, however DIY is more than a craze
or a cheap way to improve their home—it’s a religion. The serious DIYer would rather flood his
or her basement than call a plumber; they would rather let the rats build a whole civilization in
their attic than call an exterminator. For the serious DIYer in your family, no gift that forces
them to do things not on their own will be good enough. For the serious DIYer, you need a
serious DIY gift that will allow them to never just ‘leave it to the professionals.’
Here are five gift ideas for the DIYer in your life:
1. Centipede Sawhorse
No, it’s not a grotesque marriage of two famous horror movie franchises. The Centipede
Sawhorse (saw-centipede?) is a portable, foldable, expandable work support base that can
function as a tool stand, workbench, or just a pair of good sawhorses all folded into one. A true
DIYer will find plenty of uses for the Centipede Sawhorse, which provides a quick stable surface
no matter where they are. It will come in handy on camping trips and tailgating expeditions at the
stadium in addition to home projects.
2. Safety Two-In- One Glasses
Do you ever need to protect both your eyes and ears while working on a project? Many
DIYers probably lament the inconvenience of wearing both eye protection and ear protection
when they’re working on their various projects. Luckily, you can now find several versions of
safety glasses with ear plugs built-in. Never wear one without the other again.
3. Carhart’s Full Motion Jacket
Sometimes, your favorite DIYer will need to go out into the cold to work on projects.
Whether it’s chopping wood or moving plywood around, they’ll need to have both full range of
motion and warmth in the winter months. Carhart is a well-known jacket and work-wear company, and it finally solved the problem of sacrificing warmth for range of motion when
working in the elements. The full motion jacket is made with flexible material and well-placed
sleeve extensions, allowing comfort and utility outside this winter.
4. The Gorilla Gripper
Handier than your next-door neighbor when you’re trying to unload drywall or plywood,
the Gorilla Gripper is a simple device that attaches to the top of the plywood sheet instead of the
bottom, making it much easier to lift and move it by yourself than ever before.
5. The Gyro Screwdriver
A smaller, trigger-less screwdriver that responds to your twists and turns, the Gyro
Screwdriver makes it easier to screw and unscrew in places that are hard to reach with a drill.
Simply turn the grip left to unscrew, right to screw. Twist it farther and it unscrews or screws
faster. It’s not as powerful as a traditional drill, but it gets the job done in most projects when a
screwdriver is called for.
6. Painting Kit
For the more artistically-inclined in your family, give them all the tools they need to be
the next Bob Ross. There is a wide array of painting kits for beginning painters, whether they’re
six years old or sixty. Most of these painting kits come with a small easel, a set of beginners’
colors, a palette, and several brushes to get started.
These gifts will make it easier for the DIYer in your family, no matter which home-
improvement or decoration project he or she wants to undertake.

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