Home Not Ready for Holiday Guests? Don’t Worry, a Fresh Coat can do Wonders

If your home is the place to be for the holidays this year, I don’t have to tell you about the stress and anxiety that comes with it. Is your home good enough to show off to people? Is your living room clean? Do your lights work? Holiday hosts have to worry about a thousand things long before their guests arrive for the big meal or the big present-opening reveal.

Cleaning, decorating, and making sure everything is in working order is the key to relieving stress by making sure your home is impressive when people visit. But you can help your home in other ways beyond making sure your decorations are on-point. Sometimes, a fresh coat of paint is the best way to make a big impression.

You Can Do It

People think of painting as an exhausting, time-consuming undertaking, and if you do it wrong, it can be. Think of your painting project as a way to bring out your home’s natural beauty and highlight its most prominent features. As long as you have the right equipment, a game plan for attacking each section of the interior or exterior of your home in place, and maybe a friend (or spouse) to help you, you can do it faster and more expertly than you think. You can also hire professional painters to do it for you in a jiffy before your guests arrive.

Choose New Colors

Even if you don’t paint your house in a new color, you can still restore its original beauty by repainting it with the same color. If you don’t have the original paint can the original color came in, you can match it using a paint chip at your local paint or hardware store.

It’s incredible how much a fresh coat of paint can make an old building look like new. Go in a bold new direction with your color choice, or if you’re unready to make that big splash inside, try painting an accent wall first to see how you like the color and feel in a room.

Restore Your Home

People think of restoration as a massive project when it comes to any building, especially your home. A fresh coat of paint can take a while to put on, but it’s less time-consuming and expensive than completely restoring your home from top to bottom. Unless you have structural damage to your home or a need to add a room or two, a new coat of paint can make it look like you’ve done that heavy lifting restoring your home without the cost or the carpentry work.

You’d be surprised how new and fresh a house can look inside and out with a fresh coat of paint. This year, before you lay out your decorations and set up your Christmas tree, take a look at the interior and exterior of your home and ask yourself, ‘do I need another coat of paint?’

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