How to Pick a Perfect Color Palette

It’s much easier to pick a color for your interior than you might think.  If you look around your space, you’ll see that you already have the beginnings of one. Look to rugs, furniture, and artwork to see what kinds of colors and patterns you’re

How to Deal with Dents and Damage

Anything can do it. Rearranging your furniture, a weekend of guests, a new pet in the house – imperfections can and will pop up in high-use areas of your interior. However, you don’t have to live with them. In this blog post, our painting

How to Select the Right Painting Tools 

Any home improvement project can feel intimidating before you start. But just like anything else, having the right tools by your side can make the job much easier.  Here at Ireland’s Finest Painting, we make it our mission to help prepare you

2023 Paint Color Trends 

This year should have some exciting trends and developments when it comes to home painting – we’ll dive into some of our favorites in this blog post so you can be prepared for the year ahead.  Clean white spaces are always going to be in

How to Clean Painted Walls

Though we tend to forget about them, walls need to be cleaned regularly, just like any other part of your home. The good news is that cleaning and maintaining them is relatively simple. The bad news is that most people forget to include their

Making Your Foyer a Focal Point

Your foyer is your home’s welcome mat. How do you want your guests to be greeted? Do us a favor for a minute – imagine yourself in the shoes of a dinner guest or a neighbor stopping by during the holiday season. How would the entryway of

How to Maintain Painted Walls

Get a fresh coat of paint on your walls, wait for it to dry, and call it a day… right? Well, not exactly – at least not if you want your walls to keep looking great years down the line. It might surprise you to learn that your home