Color Trends for 2012 – It’s a brand new day!

As part of our goal to become your home design resource in Denver, we are starting a new feature on our blog by having guest writers contribute their expertise in a variety of subjects. Although we know you thoroughly enjoy us speaking exclusively about interior and exterior home painting projects ;), there is much more to your home than just paint. This week we have The Color Psychic, Jennifer Comfort,  updating on color trends for 2012. Thanks so much Jennifer!

Do you like excitement?  A breath of fresh air?  You are not alone!  Most people get tired of the same old same old – which is why we have trends.  And paint color is no exception.  Remember the days of avocado green and harvest gold?  Even though those colors still cause shudders in some people, at the time they were very rich and stimulating.  Then we got tired of those heavy colors and the early eighties became all about pastels – lighter, fresher and completely different.  A cleansing of our visual palette.

So what is our palette saying right now?  In one word: gray.

The past few years (and even a little longer than that) have been about warmth and richness: mustards, browns, sage greens and deep reds.  Mahogany wood furniture was flying off the shelves.  Chenilles and other rich fabrics were used.  And it was beautiful.  Our homes were our nests – a place to curl up in front of the fire and let go of the outside world.

But then…

Our collective mood changed.  We wanted something fresh, crisp and new.  That breath of fresh air when we walked into our home.  So we took the heavy colors and lightened them up.  Took out the yellow undertones in honor of gray ones – and we are invigorated and excited!  Linen, taupe, gray blue and charcoal gray are the interior and exterior paint colors of right now.  Whitewashed and pale woods are making their return in furniture.  We still have texture in fabric, but it is lighter – like linen and cotton.  We can still curl up when we get home, but when we have let the world go, our new colors make us feel invigorated to start a new home painting project or go for a walk.  And who doesn’t love that?

It is always an exciting time when a new trend first emerges.  As someone who helps people love their homes, it is fun to break into something new and different.  I lovelovelove helping  people become excited about their surroundings again.  It is a gratifying feeling that I can’t even describe.  So if you’re in the mood for a change open the plantation shutters and let in a whole new day!

All the best!
The Color Psychic
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