Five Exterior Paint Ideas for Summer & Fall

There are many reasons to re-paint your home’s exterior. Celebrating the turning of the season, painting over imperfections, replacing peeling or chipping paint, etc. Another reason many people re-paint their exteriors is to add value to their home, or in anticipation of selling their house.

A fresh coat of paint will give you a new perspective on your home, as well, and leave it looking beautiful now that the weather is heating up and you’re hosting more guests.

Where to begin? Here are a few exterior color concepts to get you started on the right path or improving your home:


Few things are statelier than a literal white house, and an off-white color concept will keep you and your neighbors from going blind looking at your house in the sun. An off-white concept goes well with traditional exteriors featuring brick facades, entryways, and shutters. A red or brown-tinged front door centers the exterior look and adds a splash of color, drawing attention to the entrance.

Re-painting your home in a traditional exterior color scheme is near-surefire way to increase your home’s value, especially if you’re trying to sell.

Light Blue

Another classic look, light blue works especially well here in sunny Colorado, where your home will nearly match the sky on most spring and summer days. Blues like this are often used to enhance or draw attention to architectural highlights of your home. For example, you can mix and match different shades of blue on your home exterior and your shutters, contrast your exterior with your outdoor stained deck, and add some classy flair to your entry way.


Taupe is a natural color similar to brown but lighter and closer to beige without being beige. Natural tones enhance your home’s outdoor charms especially and help it fit in with any natural areas or features near your home. For instance, if your sidewalk has several trees or bushes lining it, your home could fit right into that natural space with a taupe theme on your exterior. Taupe also happens to look especially attractive in the shade, particularly when shaded by trees.

Light Yellow

Yellow can be an overpowering, standout color on many exteriors, but if you invest in a muted, lighter yellow, you’ll add some cheeriness to the neighborhood without making your home an eyesore. Yellow goes well with several complementary colors for your trim, such as black, green, or white. You can even mix and match combinations: consider painting your shutters green and your trim white.

Soft Green

Another natural color, green imbues your home with a sense of growth and cheeriness, as well. Green is flexible, able to pair with many different color combinations and usually available in many shades and types. Again, green is a great exterior paint concept to apply if you want to match and blend in with your home’s natural spaces.

There are endless possibilities for your next exterior color concept. For more information and ideas, contact Ireland’s Finest Painters.


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