Four Stress-Reducing Paint Supplies You Need

We’ve all been there. We get in over our heads and we find ourselves stressing and rushing to finish a paint job we thought we’d be done with hours or days before. It’s easy to find yourself overwhelmed after you undertake a paint job, inside or outside your home. The first option for reducing your stress should be to seek help. Even if you don’t call a professional painting company like Ireland’s Finest Painters, just an extra set of hands can be very helpful in finishing a painting project on time, reducing stress, and avoiding the temptation to rush your work and make mistakes. 

There will always be frustrations when it comes to painting certain areas and surfaces. Here are three products that make those difficult painting tasks a little easier:

Tight Space Brush

Finally, you won’t have to choose between leaving spot near your unmovable appliances unpainted and spattering paint on the appliances anymore. The Paint Behind Tight Space Brush is a long flat paint pad designed to slide into tight spaces and cover areas unreachable by standard brushes and rollers. This brush can extend to up to 12 inches and comes with an extra pad and a disposable paint tray.

The All-in-One Spackle Kit

Filling holes and gaps with caulk or spackle can be difficult, as can storing your spackle can and putty knife for when you need it next. This spackle and sandpaper kit comes with a built-in applicator you can use directly on those holes and gaps, along with sandpaper to help you even out the surface. It’s perfect for people living in small spaces. Since this product makes it easier to apply the spackle directly to the wall, it spreads more evenly and can help make a surface look brand new, even before you dip your paintbrush.

Collapsible Paint Can Lid

Splurging on a lid for your paint cans seems unnecessary, but the collapsible paint can lid from Shur-Line comes with an air valve that helps you cleanly pour paint without those annoying surges suddenly splashing everywhere out of the can. The lid also forms an air-tight seal, so you don’t have to worry about your paint drying out if you aren’t using it. 

Extension Poles

Sometimes, the simplest equipment can save you a ton of time and effort. Extension poles make it possible to paint high and hard-to-reach surfaces without a ladder and without trying stretch and contort yourself to get maximum paint coverage. The best extension poles are adjustable, able to extend and lock for almost any length. 

This equipment will make some of the most difficult aspects of painting a little easier. Reaching high surfaces and covering areas around unmovable furniture and appliances can turn what seems like a simple paint job into a marathon. If you need help tackling your next painting project, contact the painting experts at Ireland’s Finest Painting to see how we can help you transform your interior or exterior space.

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