What Makes a Repaint Unique?

The biggest distinction between painting a new space versus a repaint project is the nature of the professional relationship. For a new project, the painting contractor typically works under the direction of a general contractor and has little

You’re only young once

Childhood is a place we have all been and hopefully remember fondly.  Some of us got to have our own rooms, and some of us even got to decorate our rooms however we wanted.  What a treat that was!  Sadly, we are no longer children, but many of

But, but, but

Hello fellow color lovers!  As we curl up in our homes to escape the chill of winter, our eyes inevitably turn to our surroundings – what we like, what makes us happy and what we wish we could change.  In my last post I talked about color trends

2013 Color Trends

Well, 2013 is here! It really creeps up on you, doesn’t it! We at Ireland’s Finest wanted to start the New Year by showing you some great video from our partners at Benjamin Moore. We have used Benjamin Moore products as a painting contractor in

New Year’s Resolution

2012 has been a great year for Ireland’s Finest. The residential and commercial painting market has seen a pretty good rebound from the Great Recession. Slowly but surely we are getting back to work levels not seen since 2007. We work with many

Happy Holidays!

Holidays are here! Ireland’s Finest thought some of you out there might like to know some Christmas Greetings in the Irish Language. It is the native tongue of the Irish and our Irish owner, Andrew Toole (except Andrew hasn’t spoken it in

Get your paint on before the holidays!

This month’s painting tips cover a wide variety of topics. During our 17 years of being a painting contractor in Denver, we have found some great painting techniques that make the chore of interior and exterior painting easier. We are happy to

Holiday season is here!

Now that Thanksgiving is over, we kick in to the Christmas season! Presents, food and family are sure to be in abundance in most everyone’s home. But how do you decorate your home for the holidays without completely turning your house upside