Ireland’s Finest is thankful this season

It’s that time of year again. The holidays….whether you love it or hate it, it’s here. The one thing we here at Ireland’s Finest recognize is that we are very thankful for many things this year. Being a Denver based painting contractor, we have

Can we get inside already?

Being a long time painting contractor here in Denver, we realize the weather dictates when and where we can paint sometimes. All painting contractors have that issue. As we wait on winter to significantly kick in, our employees are really glad

Fall is here and our exterior painting projects are coming to an end. We are ramping up for the winter and getting prepared to start our interior painting projects. We are much happier painting inside during the cold months. Below is a few

Halloween Ideas

Halloween is just around the corner! Next week in fact. We all know the paint colors that accompany Halloween: black and orange. Now we know you won’t paint the interior or exterior of your homes black and orange just for Halloween, but we

Ireland’s Finest: Q and A

We have put together a new segment to our blog that addresses questions our customers have asked us over the years while also addressing ongoing inquires we get asked on a daily basis. This is common in the painting industry, while being very

Hard Times Soft Hearts Coming to Fruition

It’s been a big week for Ireland’s Finest! Hard Times Soft Hearts is in full swing and our guys are at New Jerusalem right now working on the exterior painting of the building. It is really starting to come together. We were surprised this week