P. Arreola

We wanted to comment on the work done by your company at our house March 24-26, 2015. The Painters: Pedro M, Luis R, Steve and Fernando did an especially good job of painting our living room, dining room, and hall way and laundry room. I want to pay special appreciation for their demeanor; they were courteous and polite, more so they verified work. We almost had a mishap due to the wrong paint being delivered for the basement laundry room, When they opened the can, they realized that the paint seemed inappropriate and brought it to our attention. Apparently the company had inadvertently provided the wrong color. We have had experiences with other workers who mindlessly went along with the work even though they should have realized that it was wrong. We are so pleased that your crew had the respect to question the paint.

In every way, Pedro and his crew were professional and diligent. We were home at the time and it felt that they were unobtrusive and went about their work without disturbing our routines. I also want to mention Miguel who stopped at the house to ensure the work was being done to our satisfaction.

Thank you for a fine paint job and a pleasant experience. I would recommend Ireland’s Finest to our friends and family.

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