Interior Paint Colors to Avoid, According to the Property Brothers

Drew and Jonathan Scott are television sensations, with their show Property Brothers: Buying and Selling is hugely popular on HGTV. They help people buy and sell homes, using their real estate experience and charm. If you’re a fan of the show, you’ve seen all kinds of homes in all parts of the country in various states of readiness. Many homeowners are resistant to the Scott brothers, but in most cases, the real estate experts help people get the best possible property prices. 

In one episode of Property Brothers, Drew and Jonathan try to help homeowner Roseanne sell her house, but they’re confronted by interior wall colors they can’t abide. 

Before we reveal what those colors were, a word about interior paint colors.

Interior Paint and Resale Value

When buyers visit your home, they want to see beautiful interiors and colors, obviously. But even the most well-maintained interior spaces might rub them wrong. They might not have an idea of color schemes they hate, but they know it when they don’t like something, and they’ll know they don’t like an interior the second they enter it. 

This first impression is critical to selling your house. Even things that are changeable, like paint color, leave the potential buyer feeling one way or another about the property. Chances are, if they have a negative impression of your interior décor, even if they don’t know why they won’t buy your house.

Colors to Avoid

The Property Brothers expressed their distaste for poor Roseanne’s color schemes in the episode “Condo Dreams.” The colors that they insisted had to go? Yellow and red. Jonathan said that yellow walls don’t help properties sell. The numbers back him up. According to a 2018 case research report by Zillow, homes with yellow exterior paint sold for $3,408 less than expected on average. If yellow won’t do for your exterior, you probably shouldn’t paint your living room yellow if you want to sell it. 

Jonathan also tells Roseanne that she should “get rid of that angry ‘90s red wall.” The research behind avoiding red walls is still ongoing, but common sense will tell you that when you’re trying to sell your home to strangers, taking a risk on an emotionally intense color like red in an interior space might not pay off. You could scare off too many buyers that way, who might not remember much about your property other than that intense red wall they found. It’s simply not worth the risk.

Paint Considerations

You don’t want your home to be boring and dull, either, so it’s fine to take some risks on your interior décor scheme. But when it comes time to sell your home, you don’t need the risks. There are certainly shades of yellow and red that are beautiful and add value to your interior space, but when you don’t know anything about the potential buyers visiting your for-sale property, it’s best to avoid any potentially divisive, emotionally triggering colors. 

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