Creative ideas help spice up your home!

Color can really add to the design and feel of your home. They can affect your mood and every year different paint color trends vary a little bit. With just a few creative techniques, a home repaint can stylishly beautify and decorate the interior and exterior of your home. Using paint as the design medium is an inexpensive way to add some style and elegance to individual rooms, as well.

From Colonial Revival Sea Green to Pink Flamingo, color choices (and their imaginative names) vary widely. But who says you just have to use one color per wall? One technique achieve a bit of flair is to add a border to a room. If the room doesn’t already have a crown molding, a border where the wall meets the ceiling can add an accent that creates a distinct division between the two while adding a bit of style. Borders can also be added anywhere on the wall. As a painting contractor, we have been asked to put two different paint colors horizontally through the middle of the interior walls. This gives the room a two-tone effect and usually involves colors of the same color but of different shades. However, we have used completely different colors in a design scheme, while staying within the color wheel. This technique brings out the best in each color while helping them to look clean and bright. The color wheel works with three primary colors of red, yellow and green and on the premise that opposites attract. So when viewing the color wheel, look diagonally across from one color to another to see its complementary color. For example, the complementary color for red is green. With so many shades of each color, the paint combinations are endless. This technique is a enormous departure from choosing similar colors such as egg shell white and flat white and looks so much more professional!

Another style idea is to add a stencil on your border. These can be picked up at your local craft store and can be simple or elaborate. You can also design you own stencil by drawing your own pattern, printing it on a clear plastic (local printing shops can do this or office supply stores have the sheet to use in your home printer) and cutting out the shape with a hobby knife. It is only limited by your imagination….and your motivation. We suggest that if you are going to use multiple stencils with multiple colors, have one stencil per color. House paints tend to stain the plastic sheets and make them impossible to get fully clean!

There are many painting contractors in Denver that will work with you on creative solutions for your house painting, including us, if you don’t want to tackle a project like this! Although it can be very rewarding!

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