New Year’s Resolution: Fix Up the House—DIY Renovations You Can Do Right Now

It’s 2019, and with the new year comes the resolutions and reminders of all the projects around the house you forgot or didn’t get around to doing in 2018. There’s no time like the present to fix up your house and get set for another year.

We all know too well how difficult it can be to get to those nagging projects around the house, like setting up new decorations, painting, winterizing, etc. Most of us have to prioritize our time, set routines, decide what we can work on when around our jobs, taking care of the kids, eating, cleaning, and living.

So, a word about time:

Managing Your Time

Time management is everything. No one’s perfect at managing their time to do each and everything on their to-do list every single day. We all get lazy, things always come up, and our schedules crumble. But, there are a few ways to help create more time in your day for those pesky projects:

  • Rise and shine—Wake up an hour before your normal alarm. I know, it sounds terrible, especially in the grips of the cold, dark winter, but you’d be surprised how motivated you can be early in the morning if you know you’re getting to your favorite DIY project.
  • Cut items out of your routine—Re-think how often you do certain tasks. How much time are you spending on cleaning every day? Every week? Usually, you can get away with a little less cleaning to make room for other tasks.
  • Enlist your children—working moms and dads never have enough time in general, but they can use their kids as an asset in home projects rather than a detriment (unless they’re parents of very young children). Delegate responsibility if your kids can handle it, and ask them to/force them to help out. They might even like it!

DIY Projects You Can Do Right Now

Carving out a few hours in your routine here and there is only the tip of the iceberg. Here are a few do-it-yourself projects that don’t take much time and greatly improve your home:

  • Add a coat of paint—Probably the most cost-effective DIY job you can do to improve your home is to add a coat of paint to a room or just a wall. Accent walls can open up entirely new ideas about interior décor in your home, while a bright new paint job on your living room walls will add some new flash to your home relatively easily.
  • Replace kitchen and bathroom hardware—By hardware, I mean knobs, handles, and pulls on drawers and cabinet doors. While the cabinets and drawers might be fine and pretty, sometimes the handles and knobs can suffer damage or simply fade in color from frequent use. Replacing this hardware is easy and instantly spruces up your kitchen or bathroom.
  • Primp your front entry—Guests and passersby can instantly see how well you’re taking care of your house by your front entry area. You can fix this area up relatively quickly and easily by painting your front door, adding some holiday decoration, and planting new flowers in the spring.

By managing your time effectively and focusing on these small, DIY projects, you’ll efficiently spruce up your home for the new year!

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