Ireland’s Finest: The Hottest Interior Colors for Spring 2019

Can you feel it? Believe it or not, spring is almost here, and the new season is a great time to rethink your interior décor, specifically your paint. We at Ireland’s Finest are excited about the new painting season. With the snow turning less frequent and wetter, and temperatures rising slowly but surely, the time is now for a new interior space you can enjoy right into summer. Bring the brightness and warmth inside with you this spring by painting an accent wall or going all out from floor to ceiling. Spring is the time of rebirth, so try something new this season by making your interior space the hottest and most stylish on the block.

Check out these hot interior colors inspired by interior style and décor experts:

Deeper Pastels

Pastels are perfect for springtime. While many painters are moving away from pastels in favor of more muted tones and colors, pastels are getting deeper and a bit more palatable themselves, making themselves more than just a fun accent wall of bright pink or red.

Pastel colors might not be as popular as they once were, but muted, deeper pastels such as Sherwin Williams’ Stardew are keeping pastels around for spring 2019. Pastels these days used for interior paint jobs add color without lighting a room on fire with it—a touch of class and calm without being plain and boring.


Pantone’s Color of the Year—Living Coral—entered 2019 much celebrated for its bright liveliness. Indeed, Pantone’s Living Coral is a bold color, a mixture of bright orange and pink, but because its shade is so playful and light, it brightens a room without overpowering it. Homeowners are using coral shades with pinks, oranges, and reds to elevate the mood of a room and usher in a new season of life and light to interior spaces darkened by winter.

To harp on the accent wall idea once more, coral colors are perfect accent wall paints, adding a streak of warmth while letting it grow on you a little before committing an entire room to it.

Hunter Greens

Dark, sultry green tones have shown some popularity in 2019 already and are the perfect spring color to try, not only for its symbolic value. Hunter greens, like Benjamin Moore’s Hunter Green, are versatile and can go from millwork to walls to furniture to accents seamlessly. Painters and homeowners alike also enjoy the gender neutrality of the color, lending itself to masculine and feminine spaces and feelings. It’s like the perfect family member, balanced, comfortable anywhere, and not overbearing. Hunter green works well with natural palettes and neutral tones.

Getting Started

Hopefully these colors will inspire you to get started on your next interior home improvement project and bring new paint and life to your interior spaces this spring. If you need help choosing a color or you need some assistance getting the paint on the wall, give Ireland’s Finest a call.

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