Holiday season is here!

Now that Thanksgiving is over, we kick in to the Christmas season! Presents, food and family are sure to be in abundance in most everyone’s home. But how do you decorate your home for the holidays without completely turning your house upside down? Ireland’s Finest has a few tips for you!

As a painting contractor in Denver, we would love to paint the interior and exterior of your home temporary Christmas colors. Then we could come back after the New Year and paint them back! We know, we know, this isn’t very realistic. But different Christmas colors can be applied both inside and outside your home to liven it up.

Red, white and green are the stereotypical Christmas colors. They are bright and dynamic while leaving no doubt on what time of year it is. There are some colors you can also use to add a touch of sophistication, class and style. Metallic hues such as bronze, gold and silver add a bit of shimmer while being a more vibrant choice. A great decorating idea is to mix metallic ornaments with a mantel garland to draw the eye to your fireplace, which tends to be a focal point during the holidays.

Metallic hues can also be used in other ways for your holiday decorating. Refreshing some old candlesticks can be easy with a little bit of gold leaf paint. Our partners over at Benjamin Moore have a great hue of gold called “Fields of Gold”. It can be seen here. The candlesticks can be accented with a few fresh pine boughs intertwined with some Christmas lights to make this decoration warm and inviting.

Another good idea for a centerpiece would be to collect pinecones and pods, accent them with a gold or silver metallic paint on their tips and place them in a large glass bowls. A bit of green ribbon can be used to accentuate and compliment the piece. A great suggestion from our friends at HGTV that is very inexpensive while being very beautiful.

We here at Ireland’s Finest are looking forward to the holiday season. We hope you are to. If you have any decorating ideas, we would love to hear about them!

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