Can Painting Increase Your Home’s Value? 

Of course, the ideal situation for any seller is to make a profit on their home when they take it to market. So, what are some ways that you can easily increase the value of your property to make sure that you’re looking at gains and not a loss? 


Interior Painting 

Want to do a remodel without feeling like you’re breaking the bank? A refreshed interior can bring the price of your home up by hundreds, even thousands of dollars – for not much more from the seller’s perspective. 


Exterior Painting 

It’s simple – people who can see that you make taking care of your home a priority will be more likely to want to see more of it. A well-maintained exterior and a fresh coat of paint can easily increase value and help you to get that highly-coveted return on investment. The best bet? Hire a professional painting company to make sure you get the highest bang for your buck. 


Cohesive Color Schemes 

NOTE: Link to new blog post “Creating a Cohesive Color Scheme” when it goes live on October 29th. 

Most realtors and contractors would recommend sticking with neutrals to appeal to a broader base of potential buyers, but if you can create a dynamic color scheme that appeals to people’s more creative sensibilities without being too outside-the-box, you can really stand out compared to other showings. For instance, blues and greens can replace beige and greys. 


We’ve talked before about how colors can effect emotions, but if you need a refresher, cooler colors are generally pretty calming. This means they’re well-suited to bathrooms, bedrooms, and other spaces that are conducive to relaxation. 


So, what’s the main takeaway? 


If you’re serious about selling your home, a professional paint job can quickly and easily increase value at little or no effort to you, the seller. Give us a call today at 303-512-8777 to chat about how our team can help to turn your home into its best self!

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