The Best Ideas for Trim 

When you think of trim, you’re no doubt thinking of the classic white that has become commonplace in home décor. But why do we put ourselves in such a box when it comes to the color of trim in our homes? 

Colors other than white can make your space feel bigger, bring pops of color into your interior design scheme, and accentuate desirable features of each room. 


It’s helpful to think of the trim as the frame to your walls – a way to draw the eye to the artwork that is your interior color scheme. You can easily bring out the best features of your home and hide any flaws and eyesores with an updated trim. 

Now, let’s talk about some different looks. 


Wood Trim 

Wood is a classic look that can really add depth to your space, warm things up and (depending on the color of the wood) act as a great contrast to walls and ceilings.


Monochromatic Trim 

If you want something a little bit more uniform, consider painting your trim the same color as your walls. This looks especially nice in an open-concept space that thrives on cohesiveness. It will trick the eye and make your space look connected and put-together regardless of a somewhat sprawling design. 


Colorful Trim 

There are no bad colors, but there are bad colors for yours space. You want to make sure that everything works in harmony with each other, so take cues from other elements of your interior design and pull complimentary colors from flooring, woodwork, and décor to add a bit of character (and cohesiveness) to any room. 


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