Should You Paint Your Front Door? 

The quick answer? Yes. If you use your front door as your home’s main entryway, there’s a pretty good chance it’s got its fair share of scuffs and dings by now, and the paint has probably faded over the years. Now, let’s talk color. I think what most people love about a painted front door is the way that it contrasts from the rest of the home’s exterior.

It’s something different and immediately draws our eye in. It’s instantly recognizable and offers guests a sense of familiarity when they’re walking up to your stoop. Put some real thought into this decision, as it will likely be one of the first things people see when they look at your house from the street. 

Of course, you don’t want to get too crazy here. As with any painting project, you’ll need to submit your proposed color scheme to your HOA for approval. Take a quick drive through your neighborhood and make note of what your neighbors have done. Not only can this spark inspiration, but it gives you a good sense of what is likely to be approved by your HOA. 

Once you’ve got your color scheme, the next step is buying the paint. Here at Ireland’s Finest we like to use Benjamin Moore, but any good-quality paint will do. You’ll also need a medium-sized brush, roughly two to three inches wide. If you think you’ll be using more than one coat of paint, we recommend primer. 

When it comes to the painting process, remember to start by preparing your workspace completely. Remove any doorknobs or knockers before you start painting. Then, clean the door itself with a little bit of soapy water – new paint won’t stick as well to dirt spots. 

If your door is wooden, make sure to sand down any sealant and then tape off areas you do not want painted with painter’s tape. Now, apply your top coat of paint. In order to get a nice finish, use smaller, controlled brushstrokes. Do not close the door before you are done painting, you risk the wet paint acting as a sealant and essentially making the door stick in the frame. This goes without saying, but this is a situation you will want to avoid. 

As mentioned above, because painting a front door requires the door to be left open while the paint dries, and because Colorado tends to have relatively harsh winters, it might not be best to try this out this coming weekend. But if you call Ireland’s Finest Painting Company today, we can schedule your front door touch-up for the late springtime or early summer when warm weather starts to creep back into the forecast. 

Not only will we guarantee an excellent paint job, we’ll get it done quicker than the average DIY-er can. 

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