Painting Tips and Tricks for the Home Painter

Ireland’s Finest Inc. would love to take on your house-painting project. Of course we would. That’s what we do as a painting contractor here in Denver. However we realize that not everyone has enough money in their budget to hire a professional contractor every time they want to give their house a fresh look. So we want to provide a few tips and tricks you can implement in your own house painting project so you can get it done right and have it look beautiful.

Re-using painting tools

Brushes, rollers and paint trays aren’t very expensive. However, just throwing them away after use isn’t very financially sound. Follow our tips below and you won’t be throwing your money down the drain…for latex paints only.

  • Remove leftover paint by scraping bristles on the inside of can
  • Further excess paint by applying it to scrap pieces of cardboard or newspaper
  • Fill the paint tray or bucket with warm soapy water and roll the applicator back and forth until water runs clear (this may require changing the water several times.)
  • Spin out excess water by spinning the roller applicator or whipping the brush over the sink

If you are going to re-use the brushes or rollers again in the next day or two, another great tip is to place them in a plastic bag (a grocery bag works great!), seal them as best you can, and place them in the refrigerator. Try not to confuse them with your leftovers!

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