Statement Ceilings: Yes or No?

So you’ve picked out the perfect color, you’ve got all the walls painted, everything seems pretty much done. But wait… what to do about that ceiling? It’s an easy area to forget about, probably because we typically don’t spend a ton of time looking at ceilings, but it’s one that poses some questions – mainly, do I paint it the same color as my walls, or do something to make it stand out?

The Case For Consistency

Sometimes, ceilings are painted to match their walls. Rooms with low ceilings and less surface area are the prime candidates for this type of treatment, but occasionally, rooms with high ceilings are also painted in a monochromatic fashion. However, it’s important to remember that consistency doesn’t have to mean cookie-cutter. If your walls are eggshell white, for instance, an ivory ceiling can stand out just enough without seeming out of place.

In areas that are a hub of activity in your home, like the living room, painting ceilings and walls one color can really draw the room together.


The Case for Creativity

A pretty common trick to give rooms a sense of dimension is to paint the ceiling in a flat, white color and the rest of the room in a more bold shade. White ceilings also compliment white trim wonderfully, especially when the walls pop.

Color expert Amy Krane offers up some inspiration:

“…bedrooms are great places to try different paint treatments… I like painting bedroom ceilings a different color than the walls.”

The Verdict

Every home is different, heck – every room is different. It’s important to know how you want each room in your house to make you feel before you tackle any kind of painting job. For instance, lighter colors open up a room, while darker colors give us a sense of intimacy. Once you know what mood you’re trying to evoke, deciding on how to bring everything together with a ceiling color will be a much easier decision.

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