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There are spaces in all of our homes that we forget about. For some it’s the laundry room, for others it’s their home office. One space that is overlooked time and time again is the entryway.

When I get home, I throw my keys down on the table in my entryway that is covered with junk – loose change, old business cards, coupons I’ll probably never use – you get the idea. Because it’s not a space that we spend a considerable amount of time in, it tends to become the junk drawer of the home. But that doesn’t have to be the case.

One of my favorite Instagram accounts is @apartmenttherapy. As a studio-dweller myself, it’s nice to find inspiration in small spaces. The good news for homeowners? A ton fo their design ideas fit bigger spaces, too. Their website recently featured a breathtaking makeover from artist and designer Katie Sarokhanian that turned a bland entryway into something that looks more like a fancy SoHo hotel lobby.

The most impressive thing about this project? It cost Sarokhanian a grand total of $44.

So, what are some quick ways to revamp your entryway on a budget? Let’s dive in.

Get Creative

While the black and white walls in Sarokhanian’s space might look like something out of a famous abstract painting, she actually freehanded them herself. Too often, we’re scared to do something unconventional in our homes. In reality, the space should reflect you, and all of your imperfections. Don’t be afraid to pick up your paintbrush and experiment. Not to mention, murals are a huge interior design trend right now.  

Be Resourceful

Not everything in your home needs to come from Crate & Barrel. Vintage stores, small local shops, and community marketplaces like Facebook, Craigslist and eBay can be fantastic resources. I’ve known people who have snagged high-end West Elm furniture for more than half off of the retail price, simply by taking the time to look for a great deal.

Make Your Space Multi-Use

Consolidate your space, so you can get more bang for your buck. If you’re interested in adding cabinets and shelving to your entryway for storage, consider leaving space for built-in seating. Multi-purpose furniture can literally double the space you’re working with, giving you more room for your creativity to grow.

Don’t Discount What You Already Have

Exposed brick? Old time-y wood accents? Outdated design features? Embrace it. If you’re working with a more rugged space, paint with a softer colors like eggshell white to make those features stand out. What might seem like an eyesore can actually be the focal point of a room when accented properly.

We hope this inspires you to tackle your own painting project this weekend. Making your space feel more like home is a never-ending project. If you need help, don’t hesitate to call Ireland’s Finest for a free consultation. 

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