The Hottest Paint Colors for the New Year

It’s 2020 and what better time to try a new paint color than the start of the new year? There are already many colors that painting experts are eying as the next hottest trend. Painting your interior for the new year is a great way to celebrate change and usher in a new look for your interior design. Don’t be afraid to try a new look this year. If you want to test a color out first, you can always paint an accent wall, or a wall painted a different color than the rest of the walls. Accent walls can add to or complement an interior color scheme with much less work than repainting an entire room. 

Here are a few paint color suggestions from the experts: 

First Light—Benjamin Moore

First Light 2102-70 is already being hailed as the Color of the Year by Benjamin Moore because it brightens up any room and plays with sunlight very well. First Light is a soft, rosy hue that goes well with light colors like pink or beige. It’s versatile without being boring. With the light slowly returning, First Light is the perfect color to start the year and catch that beautiful daylight.

White Heron—Benjamin Moore

I wanted to highlight another Benjamin Moore color because it works so well with First Light. White Heron is a mixture of off white and beige that matches well with First Light because it, too is a great color for the winter blues. Catch the sunny days in Colorado with White Heron or another light beige color perfect for reflecting nature’s beauty back to you right at home. 

Light Forest Greens

Green colors have entered many homes in 2019 and homeowners continue to paint their interiors using subtly natural hues to magnify the environment around them. Forest green especially has become popular because it can match many other colors and often matches the greens of the foliage and grass on the outside. Try a more subdued forest green to ease your way out of winter. 

Greys and Blues

Color experts perfected their mixing of greys and blues in 2019, leading to many new and exciting combinations that fit with many interior decoration styles. Both darker and lighter hues will be popular in 2020. Consider these grey and blue mixes for rooms that don’t get a ton of sun and bring their own character without the need for sunlight to bring out their best qualities. Darker greys and blues add a bit of sophistication to any room.

Interior Painting in the Winter

 Outdoor painting is possible but risky in Colorado, where overnight lows and snowstorms can come fast and damage the coat. But inside, winter is a great time to paint. Renew your winter looks and get a sense of what the paint colors look like under low or artificial light. Many homeowners paint their interiors in the summer and find their walls look totally different when the sun starts setting early. 

As always when painting your interior, make sure you have sufficient ventilation and contact Ireland’s Finest Painters for help.

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