Five Great Spring Interior Décor Ideas

Spring is coming once again, and when the snows finally subside (aside from the usual spring flurries) you want your home to stand out after a long, cold, dark winter.

On your exterior, it will soon be time to start planting again and re-growing your garden, your flowers, and your hedges. On the inside, it’s time to mimic the onset of sun and warmth outside with colorful, playful decoration. As your flowers start coming in, you’ll have plenty of materials to use when sprucing up your interior spaces, but here are a few fresh spring ideas to get you going.

Accent Walls

Spring colors can vary from year to year at times, but usually, the typical Easter egg colors can work well to brighten and warm up your interior spaces. A great way to add a splash of color to your interior space without repainting your entire house is to paint one wall. This is called an accent wall. It has the power to at once take over a room and simply complement the other decorations you have. When you’re tired of the color, paint it something else or return it to its original color.

Wall Patterns

Adding some texture to your wall is a great way to update your interior décor. This season the pattern that is taking over interior walls all over is herringbone. You might recognize the pattern from the floor, but in 2019, the pattern is starting to climb the walls, too. Consider this clean look for your kitchen or bathroom.

A Taste of the Tropics

Another hot interior decoration trend this spring is tropical-themed wallpaper. If you can’t wait for the hot temperatures again, try some trendy palm tree wallpaper or jungle leaves to spice things up.

Bare Wood

For a natural look that reminds you of the rebirth of the natural world, try a few natural wood decorations. Some decorations you can make yourself, from a festive, fresh wreath to table settings using raw wood. Check out this set-up using natural wood décor.

Textured Pottery

Awfully specific, I know. Textured pottery includes vases with ridges or grooves, bowls with ripples, and even the odd clay elk figurine. They’re usually available in white or grey, able to match anything in the room already, and add a sense of calm to any room. You can use them as table settings and decoration, or even functional purposes such as holding candies or even candles.

Spruce up for Spring

Before you take on any ambitious interior décor project for spring, make sure you complete your spring cleaning first. I know, no one wants to clean, but if you tidy up and get rid of any decorations or items left over from winter (or Christmas) first, you’ll be able to see all the options available for spring decoration, and you’ll visualize what your interior space can and will look like when you add those new décor items to help you ring in spring.

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