Bringing Together Wall Art and Wall Color

We all have a favorite piece of artwork. The trouble is, how do you best display it? Here are a few tips on quick ways to marry interior design with interior decor. 


Accent Walls

Start by picking a color palette that will guide you through the entire room’s design. It’s important to have a basic idea of what you want in mind before you try to determine what your accent colors will be and how to blend that with the existing features of your home. 


Room by Room 

For instance, if your bedroom is largely based on a neutral color scheme that relies heavily on a color like white, a bold black accent wall can make art pop – as well as any gold or silver finishes on furniture or decor. 


Now, let’s talk about your dining room. Because it’s traditionally a place where guests gather, lots of people make a point to display art here. It can add a real sense of personality to a room that might seem stuffy or formal otherwise, and can open the door for accent pieces that are tied back to colors featured in your artwork. We recommend darker shades of paint here. A deep red can bring feelings of warmth and comfort, allowing your guests to relax fully when they’re in your space. 


Piece by Piece 

The style of your art should influence the style of your decor. A bold abstract piece demands a different kind of space than a soft watercolor or dreamy nature scene. If the theme of your collection is less based on artistic movement and more based on color scheme, that can play into how best to display your works as well – a grey wall makes a great backdrop for paintings that all prominently feature the color yellow, for instance. 


When in doubt, it’s best to think of simplicity as a basis for your design plan when working around pieces of art – because trust us, it’s definitely possible to go overboard. After all, home decor can go from engaging and eccentric to eyesore pretty quickly. 

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