Three Mid-Winter Interior Décor Ideas

It’s no longer cute to have your Christmas decorations up anymore. The time for Christmas and all its lights, Santa Clauses, and reindeer is over, but that doesn’t mean you need to ditch all your winter decorations and interior décor items, too. All you need to do is shift from Christmas time to mid-winter time, when the prairie dogs will soon be checking their shadows, and Valentine’s Day warms the heart.

Of course, you don’t have to decorate for Valentine’s Day to appreciate the decorative ideas and themes available at this time of year to the creative interior designer. Here are three décor suggestions to help spark creativity when the Christmas lights come down and the snow continues to pile up in Colorado:

Winter Wreath

Did you know that Christmas doesn’t have a monopoly on winter wreaths? You can build your own mid-winter wreath without the ubiquitous Christmas tree branches and silver bells with bendable sticks, a few white flowers, a pinecone or two, and some fresh pine greenery. Less flashy wreaths add a touch of class to your home and usually go with any interior color scheme. They work great in their usual place at the front door, or you can put it above your fireplace to add some winter décor when everyone’s huddled around the hearth.

Hot Cocoa Bar

Want some functionality with your interior décor? Set up a hot cocoa bar for winter gatherings, or just to have around the house. The beauty of this small setup is that it’s elegant, classy, and you probably won’t have to visit the furniture or craft store for the supplies you need (maybe the grocery store for the cocoa). All you need is a small table, some fun dishware for the mugs and cocoa pot, a few small, fake or potted pines, and a tablecloth and you have a little corner of warmth and deliciousness in your home for the winter. Create a decorative sign advertising your cocoa for added flair.

Table Winter Scene

If you’re already missing your Nativity scene, you can replace it with a simple, miniature winter scene. A few small, snow-covered buildings, a little town square, a few tiny passersby if they catch your fancy, and you have a cute, scaled-down model of a town in winter. Pair with your dining room table and a few bottle brush fake trees for the full treatment. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can even build your own winter town scene on your table.

Bringing the Heat and Light

These décor ideas are sure to bring some heat and light to cold, dark winter. You don’t have to leave your Christmas decorations up all year to bring some light to winter. Interior painting solutions can also help brighten up this dark time of year. Accent walls are a great way to brighten an area without repainting the entire interior. Try a red hue in a big room that has trouble getting warm. You can always repaint that wall a different color when spring finally arrives.

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