How to Prepare for the Fourth of July

Everyone’s favorite summer holiday is coming up, and there are many things to consider before your summer celebration. Whether you’re planning a cookout or just planning to soak in the sun, keep these cleaning and preparation tips in mind before the big day.


Any preparation for guests to your home involves cleaning. Spring cleaning is one thing, but to impress your guests and make everyone feel welcome, there are a few areas of your home you should focus on.

Front of House

You’re not a restaurant, but there’s a reason why restaurants keep their entryways clean at all costs. Your front yard, even if you’re not hosting your cookout there, is very important to welcoming people. It’s the first thing your guests see when they show up on the Fourth ready to party. Mow your lawn and remove any yard debris. Also, look for insect nests hidden under your eaves, under your deck, or under your stairs, etc.

Doors to the Outside

With people coming in and out of your home, it’s important to keep the area around the door used most often clean. This will encourage guests to at least try to wipe their feet when coming in from your yard.

Decks and Pools

Make your outdoor hangout area more appealing by removing any dirt and debris from your pool and deck.

Outdoor Comfort and Entertainment

Everyone will want to hang out outside where the grill and the sunshine is. Make your yard as inviting as possible by clearing your yard of debris and overgrown bushes.

Get a picnic table for your guests if you don’t have one. Picnic tables are sturdy enough for many guests and are usually built to withstand the outdoor elements. This year, invest in a good table that will last for many Fourths to come. Next, make sure your grill equipment is ready to cook. It’s never too early to prepare for this. Clean your grill, locate all your grilling utensils (for me, a funny apron is a must), and make sure you can operate the grill. Consider your options for grill fuel as well. If you’re serious about bar-be-que, check out all-natural briquettes, hardwood lump charcoal, or hardwood logs for chemical-free BBQ options.


It happens every year. Someone is seriously injured in a fireworks accident. The safest course of action (and the most legal, if you live in an urban area) is to abstain from setting off fireworks on your own. Leave it to the professionals and see a big show instead. That said, I love blowing things up just as much as the next guy or gal. Take ownership over your space and ban all fireworks use while intoxicated, keep your garden hose handy to put out small fires, and know where your first aid kit is in case of injury. It’s also a good idea to know the fastest route to the hospital if things get serious.

Considering your cleaning tasks, your outdoor space setup, and safety is a great way to start planning for your Fourth of July holiday bash.

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