How Much Does Painting Your Home’s Interior Really Cost? 

This is, of course, everyone’s first question when considering whether or not to take on a painting project. It’s understandable, and we think you deserve a clear breakdown that can help you calculate potential costs. 

Things to Consider

  • What needs a fresh coat? Your walls? The trim? Ceilings? Some combination? Each “item” to be painted takes a different amount of time (and paint), which means costs will fluctuate. 
  • Are there any special circumstances or unusual areas to be included? 
  • How many rooms total are to be included in the project? 

All of these things will have an impact on the cost of your proposed paint job. 

Once we know the amount of rooms and areas on our action list, we can look into more specific details like measurements and the number of coats that will be needed. 

If you can provide us with some rough measurements up front, that will only save time! Walls are simple, just multiply height by width and add the totals together. For the ceilings, just measure the floors – the measurements should mirror each other. 

When it comes to actually calculating cost, we itemize the cost per unit as it corresponds to each area on our project list. Generally, we suggest that customers who want to get the biggest bang for their buck knock out as many projects at a time as possible.

Hopefully, this quick explanation has taken away some of the mystery when it comes to cost structure for the average painting project. As always, check out our website for more inspiration and helpful information. 

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