Different Types of Paint: A Guide

Whether you’re looking to tackle your home’s exterior, walls, trim or some combination of the three, you’ll need the right kind of paint for the job. 

The good news is, a fresh coat of paint can instantly breathe new life into your home. 

The bad news is, how long that freshness lasts depends entirely on the type of paint you choose. 

Your friends here at Ireland’s Finest Painting want to set you up for success, so we’ve gone ahead and outlined some of the different types of paint available to DIY-ers and what type of project we’d recommend you use each for. Keep reading to learn more! 

Oil Based

Oil based paints are absolutely some of the most popular on the market today – and it’s understandable. Because of its extreme durability, oil based paint does really well on trim and other areas that are prone to scuff marks and other wear and tear. Mix it well before you apply your first brush stroke, and wait a few hours before you go back in for additional coats. 

Latex Based

Ideal for interior painting because of how easy it is to clean up, latex based paint is absolutely the safest bet for the amateur home painter. Another interesting property that latex based paint has that helps it stand out is its ability to bind with different materials, making it especially versatile. For instance, this will look just as good on brick walls as it does on wood floors. 

Water Based

If you’re painting a large surface area indoors, water based paints might be your go-to. Why? Because they don’t give off the same noxious fumes as their latex and oil based counterparts. It also dries quicker, which means a faster turnaround time on your painting project. 

Oil, latex and water based paints make up a majority of the readily-available paints on the market today. We home this crash course has helped to explain the differences, but if you still think you might need some help, give us a call. We’ll take care of everything – the prep, the painting and the cleanup.

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