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Hello fellow color lovers!  As we curl up in our homes to escape the chill of winter, our eyes inevitably turn to our surroundings – what we like, what makes us happy and what we wish we could change.  In my last post I talked about color trends and the current love of grays and all things crisp and bright.  But what if you don’t like gray?  What if you lovelovelove your home exactly the way that it is? Are you banished to the dreaded land of “Dated Décor”?

I can answer that in three short words: trends be damned!

Our home is our haven: the place that we go to recharge and escape from the outside world.  When you are choosing things for your home, decorate from your heart.  Almost anything can be made to look stylish and tasteful.  If buttery yellow makes you smile, paint it on your walls! When people decorate with intention, their homes become a welcoming reflection of themselves.  Even if your true self LOVES orange shag carpet.

Trends are a fantastic broad spectrum gauge, but individuals are just that: individual.  When your house needs painting remember that you will be surrounded by the colors that you choose for a while – so you should choose something you love.  Because having a home that you love is a trend that will never go out of style.

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