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Childhood is a place we have all been and hopefully remember fondly.  Some of us got to have our own rooms, and some of us even got to decorate our rooms however we wanted.  What a treat that was!  Sadly, we are no longer children, but many of us have our own children that want to decorate their rooms.  And why not?!  Paint is an easy and relatively inexpensive way for kids to express their individuality and creativity.  Here are a few tips for you, the parent, so that you can let your children run wild without driving you wild!

  • Paint Chips – children’s eyes are not as developed as ours – they have a harder time seeing subtle shades.  Often the color that they like on the walls is the one they poo pooed on the chip.  Pick out three choices of the color they like – maybe a lighter version, a darker version and a more muted version – and try wet paint samples.  It will be easier to see the true color when it is larger.
  • Longevity – let’s face it, tastes change. I repaint my house every three years to update it.  While it would be nice for you to have to paint your child’s room only once, that may not happen.  If you want a room that is very easy to adapt, paint it white and bring the color in with the accessories.
  • Color – color affects us in a lot of different ways.  Some are obvious, and some are more subtle.  For example, I sleep the best in white sheets.  Why?  Who knows, but I always use white bedding!   The bolder the color, the stronger its effects.  If your child has trouble sleeping but wants a red bedroom, maybe put the red behind the headboard – it will be in the room, but not in a place that will keep him up at night.
  • Matchy matchy – with very few exceptions, it is safe to say that the colors that your child chooses will not go with the rest of the palette for your house.  Children’s rooms are the exception to the rule – throw the idea of flow out the window.  As long as they are happy (for now!) we have done our job.

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