How Often Does Your Business Need a Fresh Paint Job?

High quality paints can last more than seven years, while more average “every day” offerings generally last for three to four years. However, there are a ton of factors that could either shrink or stretch this timeline. 

For instance, if you are in property management and have multiple-tenant buildings, it depends on how well the people in your units are taking care of each individual apartment. A general rule of thumb is that you should paint at least every two to three years. 

Painting regularly (or at least on some sort of a schedule, even if it’s a flexible one) can help to keep your property looking fresh, attract customers or tenants, and even improve your bottom line. Bright, clean interiors make for happy people and healthy environments for living, working and shopping. 

Now, let’s talk about painting beyond an aesthetic sense. 

Let’s say that your line of work requires something more durable. If you work in an industrial setting like a warehouse, the amount of day-to-day wear and tear that your building is going to experience is obviously higher than that of an office building or an apartment complex. 

It’s not just industrial settings that experience this kind of heavy use, though. Think about other high-traffic areas like retail stores, bars, restaurants… the list goes on and on. The only real difference between these spaces and, say, a warehouse, is that a retail store or restaurant will probably benefit from “sticking to the trends” more than a more industrial space would. 

Ask your painting contractor what kind of special measures might need to be taken to make sure your type of property stays looking good for longer. They might suggest a specific brand of paint, a power wash every now and then, or something else that can help to maintain longevity. 

No matter the type of business or the reason for a fresh coat of paint, you want to be prepared for the process ahead of you. 

Make sure that the painting contractor you choose to work with has a solid list of references and is well-known in your community. Having a partner you trust can make the whole painting process simpler and smoother. This will help you adhere to schedule, budget, and stylistic standards. 

You will also want to make sure you keep the lines of communication open between staff, tenants, clients, customers, and whoever else acts as a stakeholder to maintain safety, satisfaction and a speedy painting process. 

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