Keeping Your Apartment Complex On Trend to Attract and Retain Tenants 

 It’s no secret that a coat or two of fresh paint can make any property look newer and seem brighter. But did you know how much of a factor that can play in a potential applicant’s impression of your property? 

According to Stephen Michael White, author for, “…qualified tenants may pass on a property that isn’t freshly painted for cosmetic and aesthetic reasons, making it more challenging to attract the best applicants.”

If you choose the right colors, and use high-quality paints that are proven to last, you can create a warm and welcoming environment for families and renters that will be in high-demand for years to come. 

We’ve stayed up to date with all of 2023’s color trends to date, and we’ve decided to narrow down our research to help you choose the best color scheme that will help your rental look its best and make a strong first impression on prospective tenants. 

Because apartments and condos are generally not built with the intention to be single-family homes for generations to come, it’s important to “stay within the lines” in terms of color palettes. While someone might love a bright orange accent wall or non-traditional color combinations, most property owners should stick to neutrals and timeless finishes when planning for their rentals. 

And yes, there are ways to use classic colors and still give your property the sophisticated, unique look that tenants desire. Let’s take a look at a few examples that interior designer Arlyn Hernandez recommends: 

White Dove by Benjamin Moore 

This is a beautiful, versatile shade of white that can be used in various rooms. It’s bright, but not boring. As Hernandez says, “It has a milkiness to it that gives it some depth, even though it’s white.”

Light French Gray by Behr 

If white feels like it might seem sterile to you, it’s a good idea to get into other neutrals like grays and more unassuming blues. But, as Hernandez puts it, “Finding a paint color that’s a good middle point between gray and blue can be tricky, especially if you don’t want anything too saturated.” This is the perfect middle-ground. 

Complimentary color combinations are also gaining in popularity, especially when it comes to building exteriors. In Colorado, we’ve seen a lot of cool evergreen and muted red hues mixed with grays and silvers, for example. 

Property managers and owners place a considerable importance on painting, and understandably so. When success depends on attracting and retaining happy tenants, you need to do all you can to make sure their rented home feels like a welcoming one. 

To help make sure this is a smooth process, we offer a complimentary color consultation with Jennifer Comfort, our very own color consultant. She can help you find the perfect color scheme for your property, guaranteed. 

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