Exterior House Painting: A Timeline 

It can be difficult to determine exactly how long it will take to paint your entire house – but there are several factors that we can use to piece together a rough timeline. 

Let’s take a look at them!

The time it requires to paint your home’s exterior depends on a few variables. First and foremost, the size of the property and type of materials that it’s made of. These factors, plus things like weather and paint quality simply must be taken into account when building out a project timeline. 

Size of the Property

Professional painters know that this is a major factor in determining timelines, so they’ll often ask you about the size of your lot as well as the materials that were used in construction. 

Type of Paint

It goes without saying that we are going to tell you that paint is an extremely important factor here. 

Your choice in paint will contribute to your timeline as well as another major consideration when it comes to staying in the perimeters of your project: cost. 

The number of coats that is required to get total coverage or any special prep work or technique that needs to be used during application can lengthen the project and tack on to your price tag from a labor perspective if you’re using a professional painting service. For instance, projects that use oil-based paints tend to take longer because you need to use rollers or brushes as opposed to sprayers due to the heavy viscosity that these types of paint have. 

However, a higher price point up front might mean more durable, lasting quality down the line. It’s important to consider all of the pros and cons when choosing your exterior paint. 

Using Professionals vs DIY-ing 

After reading the rest of this article, it should be clear that timeframes will vary based on a variety of different factors – and the same is going to be true whether you hire professionals or choose to tackle the project on your own. 

If you’re not very experienced, you’re probably going to need more than a weekend to get a project of this size done. Professional painters on the other hand can usually be in and out in just a few days. 

Things like house size, paint type and skill level will all play a role in determining how long your home’s exterior facelift will take. But with proper planning, research, and maybe a little help, it’ll be checked off in no time. 

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