How to Create an Oasis in Your Own Backyard

Escape to your own backyard this summer with these ideas that will refresh your space without breaking the bank.

Plants, Plants, Plants

Your backyard is probably full of ‘em anyway. If you’re a city dweller with limited space at your disposal, using greenery to block out nosy neighbors is a great hack. A simple plant privacy wall gives you an opportunity to show off your succulent collection and enjoy some much-needed personal space.

Fun-Sized Fire Pits

Sure, it’s blazing hot outside. But who doesn’t love a good s’more in the summer? Coziness shouldn’t be reserved for winter, and there are some great, easy DIY projects for mini fire pits that allow you to enjoy a campfire even if your only outside space is an apartment balcony.

Makeshift Movie Theatre

Many of us haven’t been to a movie theatre in months, thanks to COVID-19. Summer blockbusters can have their own premiere in your backyard with a pretty simple setup. Fasten a sheet to two wooden stakes, shine a projector in its direction, and you’ve got a homemade outdoor theatre.

Soak Up the Shade

If you’re prone to sunburns like me, a shady spot is an absolute must. If your trees aren’t proving enough coverage, get creative! A boat sail works perfectly for smaller seating areas, and has a funky feel that plays well with other outside décor.

Though the world is opening back up slowly, having the option to host your friends and family in your own space is still a great backup option if your favorite neighborhood gathering place’s doors are still closed.

Of course, we’re just scratching the surface here. For guidance when it comes to summer prep, feel free to contact Ireland’s Finest Painting.

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