How to Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal for Spring

  Curb appeal is like a first impression. When guests come over, they see your home and your property from the street and form opinions about it whether they know it or not. If you’re trying to sell your house at any point, curb appeal can be a big factor in property value.

Wat improves curbside appeal? Creating a lively, stately, beautiful, playful, or otherwise appealing outdoor area. Unfortunately, all the fancy landscaping in the world can’t draw eyes and impressions away from a poorly-painted exterior.

Exterior paint of course adds aesthetic value, particularly when the trim colors and the main colors both compliment each other and bring their own voice to your exterior decoration orchestra.

Something that’s immediately noticeable from the curb is your home’s trim. This is the paint around the windows and doors. It’s the accent color, and it should compliment the main color, adding its own style without conflicting with the style you already have established. A good way to determine which color compliments which is to use a color wheel.

Another option to get a paint consultation. Painting experts can go on and on about the many types of paint they use for each situation, but a consultation brings the experts to your home to determine what colors, designs, and types of paint to use for your particular exterior. They use their experience painting other houses to recommend hues and styles to you. This is a great way to find the perfect exterior color combinations to fit your style.

What’s an exterior feature of your house that gets attention? Windows and doors usually draw the eye from the walls and roof of your home. Improving how doors and windows look can greatly improve your curbside appeal. First, remove old or irreparable shutters. This will simplify the look of your window coverings and allow you to add a more up-to-date color palette.

Another way to update the look of your windows is to add a simple color trim to accentuate your white windows without making them too garish.

You should also have an idea for how much wear and tear the exterior of your home gets over the years. If your exterior is exposed to high amounts of sun, rain, wind, or snow, you’ll need to paint it more often. Generally, it’s a good idea to paint your house every five to ten years to maintain high curbside appeal.

You’re not supposed to covet your neighbor’s things, but you can take exterior beauty tips from them. Look at your neighbors’ houses and ask yourself what you like and dislike about their exterior impression. Do they have curbside appeal? Do they have more curbside appeal than you? Don’t get mad, steal their ideas and make them better for your own home. Sometimes the best examples of how to master curbside appeal is right down the street.

Overall, a professional paint job can do wonders for your curb appeal and the value of your home.


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