Three Painting Accessories You Didn’t Know You Needed

You might be wondering why painters need trucks and work bags with their equipment in piles to paint a house. There are only so many ways to spread paint on a surface, right? It’s true, painting is not as sophisticated as, say, mining for gold these days, but there are still plenty of pieces of equipment out there that can help you on your next painting project. Some devices and equipment are pretty self-explanatory, but with these three commonly overlooked tools, you’ll be able to handle every situation you come across in your next painting project.

The Five-in-One

Professional painters never go to any job site without one of these tools. They’re called five-in-ones because they’re essentially five tools you can use with one handle. Some call their five-in-ones 14-in-ones because they’re capable of many small or large jobs you’ll need to do, especially on exterior painting projects.

Whether you find yourself a five- or 14-in-one, you can be sure that many problems you run into can be solved with it. One use of this tool is as a scraper. While it might be easier to scrape your entire house with a specialized tool, your trusty five-in-one will be able to handle areas you missed or forgot about, or those pesky areas where the paint is uneven and won’t come off. You can also use this handy tool to open paint cans, spread putty and caulk, open and expose cracks, pull nails, and more.

Glass Safety Scraper

These scrapers are made for getting paint off of glass and other smooth surfaces like tile that it has adhered to. If a normal scraper or a five-in-one won’t do the trick, the glass safety scraper is here. Usually, these tools hold razor blades and come with a set of replacements for scraping paint off glass. The blades are extremely thin and sharp to take the paint off without scratching the glass. The blade is retractable for safety and designed so that it won’t fall out while the scraper is in use. You’d be surprised how much paint you manage to slop on a window even if you’ve taped it or covered it in some way. Paint has a way of finding the tiny openings in many types of coverings.

Paint Mixer

You might scoff at this, but in many areas, especially here in Colorado, where paint can dry quickly if left out, a paint mixer is a very handy device. Many people use sample sticks to stir their paint, and for short, easy projects, that’s fine. But if you’re painting large areas or using a device like a sprayer, mixing your paint is extremely important to avoid clotting, uneven coverage, runny paint, contamination, and more.

A mixer designed to get to the bottom of paint cans and stir the paint to optimal consistency for bonding to your surfaces will avoid many common painting problems.

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