How to Create an HGTV-Worthy Home

Every year, the television channel HGTV gives out its Dream Home prize. One lucky winner gets a $1.8 million home renovation. While entrants don’t have to impress judges with their home space to be eligible for this grand prize, their renovations are shown on television to all HGTV viewers, and, of course, they have to possess a passion for interior décor and for making their house a home in general.

Most of us don’t have a $1.8 million renovation budget to work with, and most entrants in the Dream Home giveaway don’t win. This year’s winner, Emily Muniz, sent four entries per day to HGTV to claim the prize. The good news is that you don’t need millions of dollars to make your home look like a Dream Home. Usually, it’s the small accents and details that allow an interior space to truly shine.

Let’s take a look at a few tips for small additions and accents you can use to make your house feel more like an HGTV Dream Home:

Mix Masculine and Feminine

One of Emily’s rooms that was featured on HGTV is her guest bedroom that mixed darker, more masculine colors with lighter, feminine colors in a beautiful way. You have to be careful when mixing general color themes and combinations, but one way to blend different styles is to use certain focus points as accent walls. An accent wall is an interior wall painted differently than the rest. Its contrast to the rest of the room accents the overall feel of the room. In Emily’s case, the accent walls were actually accent lamp shades and a headboard over the bed. The walls were a light pink with neutral or dark-colored artwork and pictures hanging from them.

Less Decoration Can be More

Ever walk into a room full of knick-knacks and decorations and feel like you can’t breathe? Sometimes, the less decoration in a room, the better. Many rooms can be left with a commanding view or little more than natural light. Some rooms become inconvenient with too much clutter or wall decoration, like a kitchen. Take the natural light in a room, the architecture of the room, the views, etc. into account before you fill it up with decorations you don’t need.

Decorate for the Seasons, and Leave Yourself Room

In no circumstance should any room be permanently decorated a certain way. One way to make your house feel more like a home is to change your decoration style to match the seasons. This doesn’t always mean you have to make your home match every season and holiday on the calendar, but give yourself some leeway in your décor decisions. Beyond changing accents and decorations with the seasons, you should never feel trapped by a particular layout or décor style if it’s not working for you.

Leave yourself room to grow. If you love to collect fallen leaves in Autumn, give your rooms space to add more leaves and fall decoration as the season progresses.

Most of us aren’t going to win the HGTV Dream Home prize, but with a little planning and light work, we can feel like we just made a $1.8 million renovation.

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