Which Paint Supplies Should You Spend More On, and Which Should be Cheap?

Painting your own house or working in conjunction with a professional painting crew can be a good way to save money. A trap that many homeowners fall into when painting their own houses is an inflated supply budget. It can be tempting sometimes to go to the home care store and buy all the paint supplies and paints you can find without looking at the price. After all, it’s your house, right? And you’re already saving money by doing it yourself. 

But if you overspend on paint accessories and the paint itself, you’ll find yourself in the same budget as hiring professionals, anyway. Fortunately, there are many paint supplies that the experts agree you don’t need to spend top dollar on getting the job done right the first time. The trick is knowing when to invest in quality and when the cheapest option will do. 

Paint Accessories You Should Buy Cheaply

Don’t spend too much on these products because you won’t need the bells and whistles of the more expensive options. Of course, if you have special circumstances, you may need to spring for the best. 

  • Paint rollers and paint roller covers—Paint rollers especially can be very expensive and come available in all different sizes and styles. If your walls are exceptionally high, you may need a longer, more expensive roller, but for most painting tasks, a standard paint roller will do the job. The roller covers are what you dip into the paint. These covers go over the roller and soak up paint only to spread it around. You’ll probably only use your roller covers once because they’re tough to re-use after soaking up so much paint, unless you need to do wide touch-ups in the same color.
  • Paint pans—Don’t be fooled by the extra ribs or sleek surfaces of paint pans, used to dip your roller into. You can get a perfectly good pan that regulates how much paint you can put on your roller cover for cheap.
  • Interior paint—A controversial cheap item. Many people spend more on their interior paint because it goes with their interior design scheme. While there are exceptions to this rule, when you need a specific type of paint for a room, for example, this paint won’t be exposed to the elements and won’t need to be top-of-the-line. 

Paint Accessories to Spend the Money On

On the other side are painting supplies that are worth the extra money. 

  • Trim brushes—Painting trim inside or out is difficult because it requires a steady hand, patience, and discipline. If you skimp on your brush for this task, it will only make it more difficult and likely lead to constant touch-ups and re-paints. 
  • Primer—For inside and outside jobs, the paint matters, of course, but protecting all bare surfaces is your primer. If your primer doesn’t adhere to these surfaces, you’ll have serious problems that you won’t necessarily discover until all the paint dries.
  • Exterior paint—Exterior paint will have to stand up to all kinds of weather here in Colorado. Understand how much sun exposure your house gets and spend the extra money on paint that will hold up to getting wet and drying quickly, as well as fast temperature swings. 

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