Color Trends for 2012

We want to welcome everyone to Ireland’s Finest’s new blog. We will be posting on a variety of topics, which will include painting tips, interior design trends and color suggestions. We hope these posts will be helpful and encourage you to leave comments, recommend new topics and engage in conversation with us. We want to be your source for everything regarding interior and exterior home painting!

We will kick off our new blog with today’s topic: current paint color trends. We all have seen that relative or crazy neighbor that paints their kitchen or living room a very unusual color. Bold, bright or even pastel colors appeal to certain tastes….and not to others. Benjamin Moore, one of the leaders in paint products, obviously has its hand on the pulse of color trends. For 2012 they have found that consumers are looking to softer hues for their homes. Colors can express how people are feeling and people’s feelings are affected by a variety of factors. Home life and social standing are definitely causes, but broader concerns influence color choices. Economic climate, fashion trends and global events also inspire amateur home redecoration choices. A tumultuous life or stressful events can lead consumers to surround themselves with calming and soothing color hues.

We at Ireland’s Finest recognize this and find Benjamin Moore’s research to be accurate. Being a Denver painting contractor for over 15 years, we have seen trends come and go but 2012 has been a year filled with off white hues, light blue colors and calming greens. We have seen this trend continue with both interior and exterior repaints, but seems it to focus on the interior, which makes sense to us. Homeowners spend many hours in their residences in a variety of settings. Whether they are entertaining guests, relaxing after a hard day’s work or sleeping, their interiors surround them and affect their mood and disposition. No wonder picking a color for their house painting is a significant decision.

We always provide color consultations for anyone, so if you have any questions about color choices, please feel free to reach out! Also we would love to hear about your current color choices for your home. Tell us what colors you chose and why!

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