What is Hard Times Soft Hearts and how can this change a life

“Hard Times, Soft Hearts” is a way for us to give back to the community that has given us so much.  This is our 2nd year of this annual event.  Unfortunately, we know that there is a lot of worthy candidates and people in need in many different ways. Ireland’s Finest Inc. is doing their part and trying to find that special someone who has been going through some hard times and struggling either financially, physically or just that special someone who goes above and beyond in your eyes that could use a little exterior paint on their home.

You might ask yourself how this can change your life.  Well last year was our first and we had many candidates and as you may know, it was hard to pick that certain one person that stood out in the community.  We at Ireland’s Finest Inc. felt that picking New Jerusalem Baptist Church was the best fit, not only for its practical reasons but, what Pastor Kelly does for his community, such as, sheltering homeless women and their children in their time of need.

Quote from Dr. Calvin L. Kelly, Pastor New Jerusalem Baptist Church:

“When I drove up to the church and saw the beautiful majestic purple and white I was in awe, I had a wonderful sense of pride a sense of purpose. God’s house stands out on this corner where we house the homeless women of Denver. Our light now shines on this corner! “
Thank you, Ireland’s Finest you shall always be in our prayers.”

We really enjoyed doing this for the community and are hoping that every year this goes on, it gets bigger and bigger.  Every year will be different challenge and every house that we paint will affect someone in need.  For further information about “HTSH” go to our web page at irelandsfinestinc.com and nominate someone in need.

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