New Year’s Resolution

2012 has been a great year for Ireland’s Finest. The residential and commercial painting market has seen a pretty good rebound from the Great Recession. Slowly but surely we are getting back to work levels not seen since 2007. We work with many real estate professionals who have told us they see some positive movement in the housing market. They have seen people moving on single family homes instead of waiting to see what the economy will do. We hope these positive trends will continue in 2013.

Ireland’s Finest wants to share our New Year’s resolutions that we WILL accomplish in 2013.

  • Delegate more- We have a great staff at Ireland’s Finest. They are dedicated, qualified and enthusiastic about their work. We want to give those people who want it more responsibility so they may grow in their chosen profession.
  • Expand the promotion of our business- We provide great work in the home painting industry. We would love to be able to provide that professional service to a broader audience so they too may have a great experience with a painting contractor.
  • Achieve a healthy work/life balance- We really love our work, but we recognize the benefit of getting away from work and recharging our batteries. All work and no play makes us a dull boy!
  • Increase our training programs- The public may not know, but there are many new and innovative technologies that are introduced to the painting industry every year. As with anything, change is something that typically firms are slow to embrace. We are no exception, although we hope to change that in 2013 with an implementation of training programs to get our staff up-to-date on the most innovative products, techniques and practices.
  • Join a new business organization- Most small businesses join business or networking organizations to gain more business, which is a great goal! What they fail to understand that the casual interactions of business owners truly help these leaders swap success stories, trade best practices and generate new ideas!
  • Expand our Hard Times Soft Hearts program- As many of you know, in 2012 we started a contest that gave away a free exterior house painting to a local, needy family or business. We partnered with Benjamin Moore and local contractors in 2012 to provide not only a painting, but some restoration to New Jerusalem Baptist Church. New Jerusalem is not only a church, but doubles as a homeless shelter for women. We were fortunate enough to give the church a facelift, which was badly needed. We want to expand this contest in 2013, so nominate a worthy candidate on our website!

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