Ask a Painter: Casey Leonhardt

When Andrew Toole, owner and founder of Ireland’s Finest, hired Casey Leonhardt only a couple years ago, he thought he was getting a hard worker and a good painter. He didn’t know it at the time, but Leonhardt was going to bring so much more to the Ireland’s Finest family. After only two years of painting on crews for projects in and around central Denver, Leonhardt showed such great promise that he was promoted to project manager, a position he relishes because of its close relationship with customers and his ability to ensure that all projects in the Ireland’s Finest portfolio go as planned. The goal is always to delight the customer and go above and beyond their expectations. During his time at Ireland’s Finest, Leonhardt has answered long lists of questions about many painting issues.

Here is one question that Leonhardt answers frequently for concerned customers, as well as a small peek into Leonhardt’s time on the job at IF, and why he chose to work for Ireland’s Finest in the first place:

  • Should I be concerned about paint fumes in an interior space? How do you mitigate this potential danger?

“When painting the interior of your house you should definitely be concerned with what type of products you are using. This will allow you to take the proper precautions before you start your painting project. In the painting world there are thousands of different products that you can choose from, but a few things you should look out for is if the product has high VOC or is a solvent-based paint. These are the paints that can be dangerous if not properly handled. When dealing with any products when you are painting interiors, it is very important to read the can and figure out what type of product you are dealing with. For example, interior latex paint or solvent-based paints. In most cases you will always want good ventilation for the job and if there [are] limited windows, then it is recommended to use a fan to create ventilation. Also, you should always use [a] respirator to protect [yourself] from inhalation.”

  • What’s the strangest question or request you’ve received from a customer and how did you respond? 

“We have had multiple customers ask if we can paint their bathroom tiles, Unfortunately we cannot paint any tiled surfaces with a guarantee that the paint is going to hold up. This surface is too hard and paint will never fully bond to any tiled surfaces.”

  • What made you want to join the Ireland’s Finest team? 

“Before I started working for Ireland’s Finest I was looking for a job that I could learn and take anywhere with me, so when I came across Ireland’s Finest I was sold.”

Andrew Toole lets his painters and other workers be themselves and follow their passions. He and Leonhardt are always hard at work focusing on making central Denver beautiful and more like home to as many customers as possible.


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