Three Gender-Neutral Bedroom Décor Setups

Designing and decorating bedrooms can be a challenge for yourself, let alone your kids. It’s easy to fall into the heavily-gendered paint color game for your kids’ rooms. Blue rooms for boys, pink for girls. But interior decoration and paint colors, along with home design, has evolved a great deal, opening the door for many more designs and color schemes that defy gender and provide relaxing, nurturing, safe undertones for your children’s resting hours.

Tossing out gendered colors creates more opportunities to experiment with different paint colors and interior décor setups. Below are three examples of how to create a bedroom feel conducive to rest and relaxation without gendered color restrictions.

For the Girl and Boy Shared Room

A little girl and boy sharing a bedroom is the perfect excuse to throw out the gendered-color playbook. But just because you’re tearing up the gendered-color playbook doesn’t mean you get to disregard how interior color schemes affect mood. Instead of blending traditional boys’ and girls’ colors, consider calming, neutral color pairings.

One example is a room dominated by whites and greys. Sounds boring and dreary, but in the interior painting world, both white and grey offer countless combinations, shades, textures, finishes, and more. You could use a textured, grey material on one wall, a white wall on a normally shadowy part of the room, and maybe even incorporate a light blue on the other walls. Tossing in some turquoise or other blue hues is a good way to mix up your white and grey décor by adding a calming color. Another way to re-think bedroom wall colors is to play with primary colors and try to find pairings that work well together.

Greens and Yellows

The classic green-and-yellow color scheme is traditional for parents who didn’t learn their child’s sex until they were born. Green and yellow are seen as viable alternatives to the classic blue or pink. Yellow and green work well together, especially in muted tones, so why not use this concept for adult bedrooms, too? Add a touch of the forest, the natural world, along with the bright energy of the sun in your bedroom. Of course, green and yellow are great pairings for kids sharing bedrooms, too.

Incorporate Evolving Wall Art

One fun way to keep things fresh in the bedroom is to build a space you can modify easily. Especially for kids’ rooms, keeping an area of the wall empty except for a lively paint color is a great idea. It gives you room for expansion and the flexibility to shift wall art around with the seasons or occasions. Providing a space for your kids to fill with their own artwork is a great way to encourage creativity and give them room to express themselves.

These three ideas will only get you started. Breaking out of gendered décor restrictions will leave you with inspiration and new ways of decorating bedrooms. If you need more inspiration, call Ireland’s Finest Painters at 303-512-8777.

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