How Often Does Your House Need a Touch-Up?

People tend to put off house painting projects because they can be tedious and lengthy, but the investment in your home’s appearance could be a wise long-term decision. Most paint you can find at any home improvement store or hardware shop will last between five and ten years.

Here’s a guide from the experts detailing how often you should wait between painting both your home’s interior and exterior:


Since you probably spend most of your time inside – especially this time of year – repainting your walls can give your home a much needed facelift. If you notice peeling paint, faded colors or scuff marks, it’s probably time to think about a new coat.

Surprisingly, commonly used spaces like the living room and dining room tend to hold on to their paint for a relatively long time compared to other rooms. You can generally get away with five or six years here. Similarly, bedrooms hold up relatively well. Adult bedrooms, that is. If you have kids, day-to-day wear and tear will require that paint in kids rooms be replaced closer to every two to three years. Little details are important, too. For example, don’t forget about your trim! Baseboards, window trim and decorative wood should be repainted every two to three years as well.


Our guidelines for exteriors might seem a little more vague, but that’s just because homes tend to be more distinctive on their exterior. Since every home is different, there’s no magic number here. A lot of it depends on the material. For instance, wood siding should be painted every five years or stained every four, but brick only needs to be cleaned occasionally. Even if it’s painted, it can last up to twenty years.

It’s important to remember that before any painting project is started, you’ll need to fill any holes, treat mold, and do anything else necessary to make sure all surfaces are properly prepared.  

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