Office Design Trends for 2023

During the pandemic and its many lockdowns, work culture as a concept went through some growing pains. Remote work has completely redefined what an office environment can be, and has sped up a potentially inevitable reality – more people wanted to stay home and work from, well, anywhere. 

But now, work is back in a big way – whether it’s remote or on-site. Regardless of how your company is functioning in the post-COVID reality, you want to make sure your workspaces are running as efficiently and effectively as possible. If your vision means employees back in an office, you need to be offering a unique environment that can deliver on what your people really want. 

Surprisingly, a lot of that has to do with design. 

First and foremost, let’s talk about choosing a color palette. This is the cornerstone to creating the kind of dynamic atmosphere that encourages both creativity and productivity, regardless of your industry. Whether you’re thinking more along the lines of  bold accent walls that bring a pop of color into your workspace or you want to stick to a strict set of brand colors, we can help you create a color palette that gets the job done. 

Recently, there has been more of a push to embrace lighter, more playful colors in professional spaces. This has been proven to not only reduce employee stress levels, but can also increase worker productivity quite substantially. People naturally focus more on the task at hand when their mind is at ease, meaning that cool blue you’ve been eying might just be the perfect shade for your office. 

Of course, more than just visuals go into the design process. Another interesting factor in designing functional workspaces is how to deal with (and minimize) sound. Especially if some of your employees are used to working in silence from a home office, a coworker who has a bad habit of talking without headphones in or blasting music can cause major distractions. Don’t forget about office soundproofing supplies that keep with your aesthetic theme. 

The bottom line is that when people are comfortable in their surroundings, they’re better employees. Yes, from a productivity standpoint, but also in terms of their intrapersonal relationships and your company’s overall culture. 

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