Three Easy-to-Miss Areas You Need to Paint to Sell Your House

The housing market, like most markets, is facing massive uncertainty at the moment. That uncertainty is causing sellers and buyers to be more cautious. Whether the market will shift in favor of buyers or sellers remains to be seen, but in strange times like these, it pays to do everything you can to make your house more attractive to potential buyers if you’re putting it on the market. 

You know this, of course, which is why you’re working around the clock (and around quarantine restrictions) to make your house as buy-ready as you can. In the mad rush to clean and prepare, there are many areas homeowners forget to paint or touch-up, which could unconsciously put your house out of the running, even if prospective buyers don’t make a conscious note of it. 

Here are three areas that are easy to miss when painting to sell your house, and could make all the difference

The View From the Curb

Everyone should know by now that the front door is the most important paint job for a house to make a positive first impression on all visitors, including prospective buyers. But there are other aspects of a house that affect how people feel when they first walk in the door. 

First, there are the house numbers. Obviously, most houses write their addresses with metal numbers attached to the front porch. However, you can make an impression by bucking this trend and using a stencil to paint the house numbers somewhere prominent to help buyers find the place and impress them with your artistic flair. 

Second, the mailbox. You can dress up and paint your mailbox however you want (within reason), but, unless you’re trying to develop an artistic or eccentric aesthetic, stick to the classic black mailbox with a reg flag to signal a well-cared for home. To paint a mailbox, sand the surface, prime it with aluminum primer, then finish with an anti-rust gloss protective enamel paint. 

Utility Boxes

 You might not think of things like your electrical box on the exterior of your home as part of what you’re selling, but an unsightly utility box could detract some buyers who might think you haven’t been taking care of the electrical and gas lines. This should go for your exterior A/C units as well. All these seemingly small details on your exterior could scare a buyer off or drop the asking price. Paint these boxes the same color as or a complementary color to the rest of your home’s exterior without covering the ventilator slats, glass covers, etc. 

Interior Window Trim

This detail can be easy to miss, especially after you’ve spent hours re-painting your interior. Interior areas don’t see as much wear and tear as exterior areas, but when you re-paint your inside space, it can be difficult to notice the small areas that didn’t get a fresh coat of paint until everything dries, then a prospective buyer could be looking at a few dull spots amongst a freshly-coated room.

For more questions about painting to sell a house (even in this environment), contact Ireland’s Finest Painters today.

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